Dusky Pionus Parrot (Dusky Parrot)

The dusky pionus parrot is a medium-sized parrot recognized to possess a pleasant personality, making it an exceptional choice for novice parrot owners and also households. A quieter bird than various other parrots, it is a really good alternative for parrot managers staying in houses or condo units. This is not a vibrantly colored bird, but its own grayish shade is highlighted along with refined yet beautiful shades of blue, violet, as well as pink, in addition to flashes of cherry.

Species Overview USUAL NAMES: Dusky pionus parrot, dusky parrot, violet pionus

TAXONOMIC NAME: Pionus fuscus

ADULT SIZE: 9 and also 10 inches in size, evaluating 7 to 8 ozs

LIFE SPAN: 25 years, although it may measure up to 40 years

Beginning and History

The South American dusky pionus parrot has a vast array in bush, residing in Venezuela, Brazil, Guyana, Suriname, French Guiana, as well as component of Colombia. It likes to live in forested areas where it may scour and hide amongst the foliage and brush, secured from killers and also the elements. Captive breeding plans have actually created dusky pionus parrots offered throughout the field.


The dusky pionus has a credibility for being actually a peaceful, laid-back animal. It can be aloof or timid but will definitely obtain caring along with its own individual family members. The dusky pionus parrot appreciates spending time with its relative, so if you are actually considering this bird, ensure that you'll capable to be at home with it for an excellent part of each day.

This bird is much less probably than other parrots to connect exclusively to a single person just, specifically if it is socialized with all members of the family at an early grow older.

This bird discovers secrets along with positive reinforcement. Qualifying treatments are an enjoyable, involving experience for all of them.

Speech and Vocalizations

While the dusky pionus parrot will certainly in some cases learn to say a word or more, it is actually not known for being actually a highly singing, speaking bird. Having said that, along with significant instruction, it can easily find out to simulate 10 to twenty words.

Dusky Pionus Parrot Colors and also Markings

The dusky pionus parrot is actually a dark-colored bird total along with darker grayish-brown plumes dealing with most of its body system. In suitable lighting, truth charm of their plumage becomes apparent. They have dazzling blue tails, accentuated with blue on the edges of their airfoils, a speckling of white feathers on their backs, a reddish/pink tinge to their bosoms and stubborn bellies, and also cherry under their rears.

There are actually no obvious techniques to differentiating males coming from girls. Simply medical sexing or hereditary screening may establish the sex of the bird.

Taking care of the Dusky Pionus Parrot

A dusky pionus parrot is actually typically simpler to take care of and also less requiring than a number of the various other parrot varieties.

This bird will need to have a lot of space-- a large parrot cage or even aviary is actually the greatest setting (up to 5 feets tall and 3 feets through 2 feet, long and also wide). The more space you deliver this bird, the far better. They are going to perform alright in a medium-sized parrot crate (3 feet higher, 2 feet vast and lengthy) but be prepped to give them plenty of workout time out of the cage.

Common Health Problems

It is a relatively well-balanced species, the dusky pionus parrot is actually recognized to be more vulnerable to aspergillosis infection than various other species. If your bird develops aspergillosis, it is actually treatable along with antifungal medications if become infected with early.

Dusky pionus parrots may lean to being overweight, largely if constrained in smaller sized cages or even if they carry out not acquire ample out-of-cage exercise time.

Diet plan and Nutrition

In the wild, this types eats fruit products, berries, seeds, blossoms, and also corn from farmland. When it gets a well-formulated commercial seed and pellet mix that is nutritional supplemented with fresh fruits and veggies daily, the dusky pionus parrot survives best in captivity.

Birds require a variety of vitamins and minerals that will certainly aid sustain resistance and also necessary life features. A different diet also aids maintain your parrot considering consuming. It can easily obtain bored as well as depressed if the bird gets the exact same foods items every time.

Eighty per-cent of your parrot's diet regimen must be composed of seeds, clean fruits, as well as fresh veggies; 20 percent of its own diet should be composed of pellets as well as grains. Every early morning, deliver your parrot new meals. Make sure to offer it sufficient food items to last throughout the day. Every bird is actually different; give as high as it will definitely eat, which might be actually a 1/4 to 1 mug of food items. At sunset or supper, give even more clean meals.

Stay away from fatty foods; these birds are actually prone to becoming obese. For instance, prevent providing fruit chips. Birds love this delight, however it is seared in body fat as well as can easily lead to obesity.


Dusky pionus parrots should be actually urged to follow away from the crate and exercise for a minimum required of three or even four hours daily. This is actually crucial for birds kept in little- to medium-sized cages. Set up a protected, bird-proof play area for your bird and monitor it carefully in the course of playtime to prevent collisions as well as trauma.

If you offer a dusky pionus with bunches of toys, like swings, represents, as well as bells, it can easily maintain itself perfectly occupied, requiring much less communication. Provide a playpen or even play gym perch in the property for the bird to use during its out-of-cage physical exercise opportunity. Dusky pionus parrots are particularly keen on swings.

Where to Adopt or Buy a Dusky Pionus Parrot

You may locate dusky pionus parrots from a reliable dog breeder computer registry or even fostering association. They can set you back $200 to $2,000. If it was hand-raised or offered as a pair, the cost goes up. Rescues or even adoption organizations might get this bird quit by managers incapable to look after all of them. Some on the web resources you can attempt feature:

  • Appeal of Birds

  • Rescue Bird

  • Use a Pet

If you're going the dog breeder path, inquire the dog breeder just how long it has actually been actually multiplying as well as functioning along with the varieties. The birds must be actually active and also sharp with brilliant eyes, well-maintained feathers, and also complete crops.

The dusky pionus parrot is a medium-sized parrot known to have a soft personality, producing it a superb choice for first-time parrot managers and families. A quieter bird than other parrots, it is a great possibility for parrot managers residing in homes or condominiums. The dusky pionus parrot appreciates costs time with its own family members, thus if you are considering this bird, create certain that you'll able to be actually at home along with it for a great part of each day.

The dusky pionus parrot is actually a dark-colored bird general along with dark grayish-brown plumes dealing with most of its body. It is actually a fairly healthy and balanced types, the dusky pionus parrot is understood to be actually more vulnerable to aspergillosis disease than various other varieties.