Australian (Green-Winged) King Parrot

A common attraction in Australia, the Australian king parrot is a rather rare pet in the United States as well as other parts of the globe. These parrots are actually not cuddlers or followers of petting, however with steady instruction, they can easily find out to point out a couple of phrases.

Variety Overview USUAL NAMES: Australian king parrot, green-winged master parrot, eastern king parrot, Queensland master parrot, master lorie, and also scarlet parrot

SCIENTIFIC NAME: Alisterus scapularis along with 2 acknowledged subspecies: Alisterus scaplaris slight and also A.scapcularis scapularis

GROWNUP SIZE: 16 and 18 inches in duration

EXPECTATION OF LIFE: 25 to 30 years with suitable care

Source and also History

Australian king parrots are actually belonging to seaside asian Australia as well as New Guinea, where they are a common sight in hinterlands, playgrounds, and also fields. German conservationist Martin Lichtenstein first illustrated the varieties in 1818. The category Alisterus consists of 3 types, every one of which are actually known as king parrots. The other species include the Papuan master parrot as well as the Moluccan king parrot.


Australian master parrots are actually certainly not very tender birds, and also many do certainly not such as handling. While there is actually the periodic exemption, it is actually rare for a master parrot-- also one that was actually hand-fed as a little one-- to connect as highly along with their managers similarly that cockatoos and also a few other parrot types do.

It is not that these birds are actually anti-social. On the other hand, numerous Australian master parrots perform appreciate engaging along with their owners and even learn to point out a few words. If you are appearing for a snuggly parrot, therefore this is not the best types for you.

Speech and also Vocalizations

These are actually big parrots, Australian master parrots are recognized to be actually among the additional peaceful parrot species, as well as they tend certainly not to yell in the very same manner as the various other big hookbills such as macaws.

As an alternative, they tend to vocalize at a audible however incredibly agreeable degree pleasantly and will delight their managers along with their whistles and also babble. Australian master parrots may know to chat however are certainly not recognized for possessing an outstanding talking capability when appropriately mingled and stimulated.

Australian King Parrot Colors and Markings

Australian master parrots are actually a dimorphic bird varieties-- indicating the sexes appear various-- and drastically so. Men have bright red plumage on their breasts and heads, brilliant green feathers on their spines and rears, and also blue feathers under their airfoils. They are actually the only parrot with a totally reddish scalp.

Girls of the types have green plumes on their backs, heads, as well as chests, reddish on their stomaches, and also a patch of blue on their rumps. Both sexual activities have darker grey skin layer on their legs and also feet.

Taking care of an Australian King Parrot

Although the extensive large number of Australian king parrots prefer minimal dealing with, they can be hand-tamed by individual proprietors and are amongst the most gentle big parrots worldwide. If upset, perform certainly not obtain fooled right into thinking that an Australian master parrot will certainly never nibble-- all parrots will certainly bite. These birds commonly choose a lot more calm methods of communicating along with their human caretakers.

The Australian master parrot is actually an acrobatic bird that requires a huge cage or bird sanctuary. An excellent environment is actually an enclosure 3 to 6 feet vast and also 12 to 15 feet long. If inhibited a smaller sized room, this bird will certainly need numerous hours of out-of-cage workout each day.

Common Health Problems

Australian master parrots are actually vulnerable to Bacillus, which is a bacterial disease that is actually nearly consistently disastrous and also hard or even inconceivable to handle. Make sure to quarantine your bird for 6 full weeks just before offering it to any other birds you may possess.

If inhibited a typical outdoor bird sanctuary with earthen floorings, Australian master parrots could be prone to intestinal tract earthworms, which will demand interest coming from a veterinarian. Intestinal earthworms or even bloodsuckers are actually hardly a trouble along with bird sanctuaries or crates elevated above the ground.

Diet plan and also Nutrition

In bush, Australian king parrots feast on a diet plan of fruit products, nuts, florals, seeds, as well as berries. In bondage, as with all pet dog birds, suitable nutrition with a well-balanced parrot food is actually vital to good health.

A lot of owners use their birds a high-grade business pellet and seed mix, enhanced along with a lot of fresh fruit products and vegetables such as corn, carrots, mango, bananas, and leafy greens like green spinach. These birds delight in entire grains like oats, millet, and also quinoa.

As a medium-to-larger-sized bird, the amount of food you provide relies on the bird's measurements. A grownup Australian king parrot can easily eat about 1/2 cup of parrot mix as well as regarding 1/2 to 3/4 mug of fruit and veggies every time.

Physical exercise

Australian master parrots, being huge birds, need to have loads of room to exercise. These birds really love to climb up, turn, and also chew, so a big crate along with lots of safe playthings is the optimum atmosphere for all of them.

Although they usually do not crave individual interaction as much as some other parrot types, they still call for a minimum required of 3 to 4 hours of monitored out-of-cage playtime per day. This activity ought to happen in a large bird-proof location of your house, as Australian king parrots are actually quite curious and also intelligent as well as may get on their own into problem if you do certainly not take precautions to ensure their security. To protect the space, shut off roof enthusiasts, close windows and also doors, as well as clear away hazardous vegetations as well as other dogs.

Where to Adopt or even Buy an Australian King Parrot

While very demanded for their silent attribute and lovely colours, it could be challenging to discover an Australian king parrot. If you are actually wanting to adopt one as a family pet, make an effort contacting your regional exotic all birds or parrot community and also ask about dog breeders in your place.

In Australia, dog breeders sell Australian master parrots in the variety of $100 to $500. Since this bird is actually rare in the U.S., you may count on to spend upwards of $1,000 for one. Savings, fostering organizations, and also dog breeders where you could discover Australian master parrots or locate a great lead on all of them in the U.S. feature:

Once you touch with a breeder, inquire plenty of questions and use to make a session to see along with all of them and their birds. It is essential to know specifically what it feels like to deal with an Australian master parrot just before carrying one house. Be sure that the bird you want to take away is alert, active, and also shows all the signs of a well-balanced bird, like vivid eyes, clean plumes, and total crops.

Australian master parrots are a dimorphic bird species suggesting the sexes appear various-- as well as drastically so. The huge majority of Australian master parrots favor minimal dealing with, they can be actually hand-tamed through patient managers as well as are actually one of the very most gentle big parrots in the planet. Perform not receive misleaded right into presuming that an Australian king parrot will definitely never ever bite-- all parrots will certainly bite if aggravated. A grownup Australian king parrot can eat about 1/2 cup of parrot mix as well as regarding 1/2 to 3/4 cup of fruit product and also vegetables per day.